Service Certification

Certification refers to the conformity assessment activity in which the certification body evaluates the enterprise's management system, product characteristics, service capability and level in accordance with the specified procedures and proves that the actual situation of the certification application organization meets the requirements of relevant standards by issuing the certification certificate.

At present, China's certification is divided into 3 categories (or 3 areas of certification), respectively product certification, system certification, service certification. The current certification service of Huaxin Chuang (Beijing) Certification Center Co., Ltd. includes: after-sales service certification, wholesale and retail service certification, online shop sales service certification, education service certification, furniture customization service certification, fur and leather retail service certification, property service certification, system integration service certification, pension service certification, etc.

I. After-sales Service Certification

1. Background

For mature products, the function and quality arealso very close. The difference of quality itself is getting smaller and smaller and the price war has made many enterprises exhausted. Differences of style, packaging, brand, after-sales service and other aspects of the enterprise has become the tool with sharp edge to establish market position and win competitive advantage. In addition, to provide consumers with economic, practical, safe and reliable quality products is the prerequisite for the survival and development of enterprises, but can not be foolproof. Due to customers’ improper use and other reasons leading to a variety of problems, more and more enterprises including the best enterprises can not guarantee against mistakes and customer complaints.

Research by American scholars shows that if complaints are not taken seriously by enterprises, two-thirds of customers will turn to the competitors to purchase. If the complaint is eventually resolved, about 70 percent of customers will continue to visit the business; If complaints are properly and promptly resolved, the percentage of customers who continue to visit will rise to 95%. Therefore, the most effective way to maintain customer loyalty and improve customer satisfaction is to deal with customer complaints effectively and remedy mistakes timely.

2. The role of after-sales service certification

(1) The implementation of after-sales service certification by enterprises and strict requirements on themselves with national standards can make the enterprise's after-sales service more standardized, improve the service awareness and service ability of enterprise personnel continuously, deal with customer complaints, timely remedy errors more effectively and improve customer satisfaction.

(2) By displaying the certification certificate, the certified enterprise can show to the society that it has the guarantee from an independent third party for its after-sales service ability and level, which is more likely to win the trust of consumers, relieve consumers' worries at home, and enable them to buy its products and services at ease, so as to expand its market share.

(3) Bidding bonus points.

II. Educational Service Certification

1. Background

The training industry is regarded as the last original stock in China in the 21st century. The development of training institutions shows more and more obvious industry characteristics: one is the trend of specialization. A large number of professional training institutions have emerged, the professional teacher ranks are increasingly large, the quality of employees is constantly improved, and the training institutions focus on a certain aspect of development from doing everything. The second is the trend of standardization. The trend of specialization leads to the direction of standardization, and various standards in the industry such as access standards, job recognition standards and certification standards are put on the agenda, which will make the industry constantly achieve self-discipline. Third, the trend of scale. The trend of standardization will promote the formation of enterprise scale. With a large number of standards can be copied, the successful training enterprises will expand from the city to the national development.

After years of development, the training industry has been in a spontaneous state. Although it has received the attention of the government, education and training industry, associations and media, there is still no competent agency or national industry association. This brought great hidden trouble to the healthy development of this industry. The main problem is: first, the absence of managers. As mentioned above, there is no government authority or industry self-discipline association. Second, enterprises do not do. No industry entry standards, resulting in a forest of homogeneous products, customers and teachers, resulting in a price war, compared with traditional industries, training enterprises difficult to do big. Thir it is professional not strong. Enterprise r & d ability is weak, there are few courses with intellectual property rights, mainly by the introduction and imitation, professional is not strong, bring the market reputation is not high. Fourth, cannot satisfy the market. There is a large amount of demand in the market, but training enterprises can not provide targeted courses, resulting in a mismatch between demand and supply.

2. The role of educational service certification

(1) Training institutions can make the training process more standardized, continuously improve the ability and level of training services, strengthen themselves, calmly meet the future of the country's strict supervision, survive in the cruel environment of survival of the fittest, and develop and grow.

(2)By displaying the certification certificate, the certified enterprise can show to the society that it has the guarantee from an independent third party for its training service ability and level, which makes it easier to attract trainees to choose the organization for training. Especially in foreign language training, early education training and other areas with a higher degree of marketization, the role of certification publicity is more obvious.

III Online Shop Sales Service Certification


Since the introduction of e-commerce into China at the end of the last century, it has swept the country and been used as an important means of marketing by all walks of life. As a form of e-commerce, online shop is a place where people can make purchases while browsing and complete transactions through various online payment means. This year to the rise of online stores, has had a great impact on physical stores, there is a trend to replace. There are many online stores, but there are sales of fake goods, service is not in place, behavior is not standard and other phenomena, the overall level of service is not high, plus online stores mainly rely on low prices to attract customers, resulting in people generally believe that online stores are not as reliable as physical stores, seriously restrict the further expansion of online stores and the survival of existing online stores. On several major online sales platforms, a few pages can be found that many online stores have small sales volume, and some online stores have larger sales volume, but customers also give a lot of bad comments through shopping experience. In view of the above reasons, there is an urgent need to have appropriate measures to guide the shop development into a benign track.

2.Role of Online Shop Sales Service Certification

(1) Through certification, it is easier for the online store to understand how to improve the service level, standardize the service, improve the service level and ability, enhance the service awareness and improve the relationship with customers, so as to retain old customers and form a good reputation through the publicity of old customers.

(2) Most online stores do not have what qualifications and other things can be publicized, the individual open online stores some even do not have a business license, certification certificate has become a rare business card and identity card. By displaying the certification certificate, the store shows to the society that it has the guarantee of the service ability and level from an independent third party, which is easier to gain the trust of consumers.

IV. Furniture Customization Service Certification


Furniture industry has a long history since ancient times. Before the introduction of processing machinery, furniture production belongs to the category of handicraft industry. With large-scale introduction of machinery, processing efficiency has been greatly improved, and the diversification of furniture materials has resulted in the setting of furniture with lower costs. Due to the particularity of furniture, it needs to match with the space and structure of the furniture, so most furniture needs to be customized or modified on the finalized furniture, especially the main force of office furniture, school furniture and other bidding and procurement needs to provide high-level customized services. At present, there are some problems in the customized furniture industry, such as small scale, weak standardization, uneven service level and low anti-risk ability. Moreover, the market competition is increasingly fierce. Only by improving the service capacity and level as soon as possible, can enterprises become invincible if they become bigger and stronger.

2. Role of Furniture Customization Service Certification

(1) Internally, furniture enterprises can introduce standardized and systematic management ideas through customized furniture service certification, strengthen service awareness and take relevant measures to improve service ability and level, and lay a foundation for becoming bigger and stronger.

(2) Externally, by displaying the certification certificate, the certified enterprise can show to the society that it has the guarantee from an independent third party for its service ability and level, which is more likely to attract consumers' attention and win consumers' trust.

(3)As the ordering party pays more and more attention to the quality of the service received, whether the furniture enterprise has the certification certificate will probably serve as a score item or even become a condition. As furniture business condition is more and more convergent, because lack attestation certificate and the phenomenon that lose an election can increase.