OHSMS 18001 Certification of Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Basic Introduction

With the rapid economic growth, occupational health and safety problems closely related to production have been widely concerned by people. In accordance with the development of relevant international standards and the need of occupational health and safety management in China, China has formulated and promulgated and implemented the GB/T28001 standard, which embodies the systematic safety idea in modern safety science theory.  It adopts a systematic preventive management mechanism to reduce industrial accidents and occupational disease hazards, improve working conditions, reflect the people-oriented idea and mobilize employees' enthusiasm; Effective control of occupational health and safety risks is also a powerful weapon in eliminating non-tariff trade barriers to labour safety in international trade.

Standard Features

1. Commitment of top management personnel to compliant with laws, regulations and continuous improvement is required

2. Emphasis on hazard identification, risk evaluation, and risk control embodies the idea that "safety and prevention first"

3. No specific occupational health and safety performance indicators are specified, requiring continuous improvement on the basis of compliance with laws and regulations.

4. Emphasis is not only placed on the organization's compliance with laws and regulations, but also its influence on relevant parties.

5. Requirements for the implementation of the entire process control of damage to the organization

6. Request for establishment of emergency preparedness and response plans and procedures for potential emergencies

Means of implementation

1. Improve organizational management level and occupational health and safety awareness of employees

2. Improve the consciousness of compliance with occupational health and safety laws and regulations of the employees

3. Eliminate or reduce occupational health and safety risks

4. Improve the image of the organization and strengthen the core competitiveness of the organization