Marketing Department
Accepting application materials and signing certification contracts
Reviewing the contents of the contract and ensuring that contract satisfy the requirements.
Collecting market information and client demands, answering customer or potential customer's consultation on certification business
Receiving client’s complaints, tracking and handling matters, timely feedback to clients
Tracking of recertification and surveillance of the projects
File information input, statistics of enterprise bronze production, verification and payment of fees
Formulation of marketing policy of HXC’s business
Marketing planning and exploration
Company's external publicity and reporting related matters
Statistical Analysis of Customer Satisfaction Information
Formulation and periodic revision/modification of public documents
Management of branch offices
Guiding the work of HXC's sub-centers and offices
Other tasks assigned by HXC’s leader
Auditing Department
Application review, audit program planning and project managemen
Audit task arrangement, assist accountants to charge and follow-up audit fee collection
Management of the use of certification resources (including certification personnel, internal resources, outsourcing)
Implementing and managing the certification audit process
Daily supervision, training and assessment of auditors/inspectors
Follow-up and implementation of corrective actions for external assessments
Assist the Technical Department in evaluating, assessing and managing the competencies of auditors/inspectors and technical experts
Supervision and control of audit quality
Cooperate with management representatives to organize internal audit and management review
Other tasks assigned by HXC’s leaders
Technical Department
Organizing and formulating, revising HXC’s management system documents, technical working instruction and documents, changing implementation programs of certification requirements, etc.
Technical preparation and declaration of application of HXC's accreditation scopes and the extension of the scope of accreditation
Updating, collecting the certification laws, regulations, standards and technical documents, as well as distribution of these documents.
Competence evaluation and daily management of subcontracting and testing institutions of product certification
Communication between HXC and the superior departments in charge and the reporting of certificateinformation
Management of auditor/inspector/examiner's technical competence evaluation, assessment, CCAA registration and application reporting, etc.
Certificate making and certificate management, and reporting certification information on time
Change, suspension, cancellation and withdrawal of certificates
Providing online login information and related information for certified clients
Training related to HXC business and providing value-added services to certified clients
Reviewing (evaluation), management system certification, product certification and service certification data, make evaluation opinions on non-conforming certification data, form corresponding "issues List", and pass the rating of files and leaders to the audit/inspection/examnier team lead.
Receiving the rectification data of audit files, following up and verifying the rectification of nonconforming files, confirming that the files basically meet the requirements, and putting forward suggestions for recommending certification and maintaining certification
Submit the major issues found in the technical review of audit file to the Technical Committee for discussion and review, and formthe normative documents (resolutions) for future work.
Making decisions on certification recommendations, impartiality of certification evaluation/validation results and meeting the conditions and effectiveness of certification approval
Management of archives and files such as cataloguing, filing, storage, borrowing, inquiry, information processing and disposal of certification files.
Conducting telephone sampling survey to the on site auditing and supervising the quality of on site auditing
Spot checking the whole process of the certification projects and improving the quality of certification
Assessment and analysis of the fulfillment of quality objectives of various departments
Organizing internal audit and management review
Organizing HXC’s certification risk management and emergency response
Other tasks assigned by HXC’s leaders
The Office
Compilation and revision of relevant administrative, internal and logistical management systems and documents
Labour management and personnel management
Receipt and issuance of official documents and letters and the management of seals
Maintenance and repair of office equipment, vehicle allocation and maintenance management
Pre-preparation of recruitment, assessment, training, use and management of human resources in the company
Management of social security benefits for HXC staff
Early stage of publicity, information, network and publication of manuscripts.
Reception, meeting arrangement, procurement and distribution of office supplies, staff meals and other logistical support services
Organizing the construction of corporate culture, carrying out collective activities, condolences and other work
Inventory, collation and archiving of fixed assetsOther tasks assigned by HXC leaders
Financial Staff(the office designates special personnel for this function)
Financial and fixed assets management
Collection of certification fees and issuance of certificates and qualified labels
Grasping and understanding the tax policies and regulations of the state and local tax authorities for service-oriented enterprises
Compiling various financial management systems
Preparation of HXC's financial revenue and expenditure plan and the analysis of financial statements
General ledger and various detailed ledgers of the company and auditing work
Reporting financial information
Seal and invoice management
Management of HXC's vouchers and certificates
Auditing of HXC’s financial status
HXC's online tax declaration, calculation, auditing and payoff of salary
Accounting management of HXC's fixed assets
Audit of funds
Cash management
Expenditures and costs, keepting contracts
Assisting HXC in cleaning up, checking and annual inventory of fixed assets
Strict payoff of checks
Working communication with relevant departments